Circles (PDF)
Circles (PDF)

Circles (PDF)

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“Circles” is the latest original piece from Jon Cheney. It is not a high-flying fast piece, as many of Jon’s songs are, but it will likely go down as one of his best.

From Jon:

”This song is best enjoyed when contemplating life’s complex challenges that sometimes seem to go in circles, never fully resolving themselves. It is not meant to be a song of hopelessness, but one of finding peace in the process. The song has a pattern of crescendo and decrescendo that should mimic slow breathing and produce a calming feeling. This is sheet music for the piano version, but a fully orchestrated recording was released on all major music services. There are two tracks: 1) fully orchestrated with piano; and 2) fully orchestrated without piano for play along.

The song is meant to be played slowly and patiently. Take time to enjoy the melodies and simplicity in some of the passages. Pedal should be used throughout to let the notes ring to your enjoyment. I always feel peaceful after playing this song, and that peace begins just a few measures into the song with the first breathing pattern. Enjoy!”

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You can listen to the music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and most other major music platforms. Links to the music on various platforms can be found here.