It’s about time I started sharing my sheet music

It’s been a long time coming! Ever since I began composing piano songs about 18 years ago, I have had hundreds of people ask me for the sheet music to my compositions. I’ve written down a few of them and have taken time to email random people a song here or there, but I’ve always had it on my to-do list to actually publish my music.

I LOVE finding new music that’s fun and challenging. I’m pretty sure I’m incapable of walking by a piano music store without walking in and looking around. Even though I can play just about anything by ear, I find sight-reading a challenge that I want to take on repeatedly. I love buying a new piano book and just playing it straight through.

My music is fun, sometimes soft, sometimes fast, and always with lots of movement. I have literally hundreds of songs to publish, and I have finally made the leap to begin this journey of publishing what will eventually be a dozen piano books.

The first piano book I’ve published is my Christmas album, “Softly Christmas.” This is a piano book that is a companion to the album that was released last year on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Each song is transcribed exactly as it was played on the album. That’s another thing I love—finding music where I can play along with the original artist. Sometimes, sheet music doesn’t tell the whole story, so listening to it makes things easier.

I am working quickly on finishing another piano book that will accompany one of my previous albums entitled, “Self Titled.” More on that later.

For now, I’m committing to everybody who has ever asked me for sheet music, to everybody that loves playing the piano, and to everybody that happens to come across my music and enjoys it—there will be hundreds of songs available on my website within the next year. I have found some great partners to help make it happen, and it will be a fun journey.

I hope you can join me, share in the joy of learning new piano music, and have a great time doing it all. I also ask that as you learn it and like it, that you share with others, including me. I want to see and hear you play your interpretations of my creations. Thanks for coming along!