Still, Still, Silent Night Piano Solo (PDF)
Still, Still, Silent Night Piano Solo (PDF)

Still, Still, Silent Night Piano Solo (PDF)

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An original Christmas arrangement combining two Christmas favorites - Still, Still, Still and Silent Night. This song will certainly bring the Christmas Spirit into your home.

2020 years ago, a precious little baby was born. The events that happened in that inconspicuous manger fulfilled prophecies that had been given for millennia. Those prophecies said that the Son of God, a Savior, would come to Earth to redeem all mankind. The Christ child was born so that He could die for me, that I may, through His Atonement return to live with Him and my Father in Heaven again someday. He suffered for my sins so that through His grace, I could be forgiven and be able to one day stand in the presence of God. He has promised that if we follow His Gospel—faith, repentance, baptism by immersion, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and then endure to the end by living His commandments—He will stand by our side at the great judgment day as our Advocate to the Father. What a marvelous and wondrous plan!

I also marvel that the entire world stands still for one day a year. Everything closes, and we are given time to focus in on the birth that changed everything. The Spirit of Christ is palpable around Christmas time, and the nice feelings we get around this time of year don’t emanate from Bing Crosby, José Feliciano, or Michael Bublé. The Spirit of Christmas comes from the world focusing on being as selfless, kind, and loving as Christ asks us to be. Christmas is proof that Christ lives, and that His influence in our lives can be real if we but choose to follow Him.

I pray that this coming year may be a little more filled with Christ so that we can carry that Spirit with us throughout 2021 and more consistently feel the same joy, reassurance, and love for others as we continue to navigate our complicated world.

My gift to anyone who wants it this Christmas is this song. The song is free. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!